Sync Staffing Services

We offer positions in a wide variety of industries and know matter what you do we're happy to help you get where you want to be. Matching you with companies that fit your direction and goals.

As a candidate we pledge to always be open and honest with you. So:

  • you’ll always hear from us when you apply for one of our jobs

  • we make sure to meet you in person before submitting you to any of our client companies

  • we’ll never send your resume to one of our clients unless you've given us permission first

  • we'll consult you on interview preparation, share our killer resume skills, and answer all your questions

  • we won’t try to send you to a job your not interested in

  • we don't make up fantasy jobs and we never hide parts of the job that might, well you know

  • we’ll thoroughly brief you prior to interviewing with our clients and always give you directions

  • we’ll keep you posted during the whole process and give you as much feedback as possible

We're easy to work with and our expert team takes pride in giving people jobs. You can ask our first customer, he still works with us. Once a customer, always a customer. What are you waiting for? Get hired.