LYMBR is a wellness company that restores your body through personalized stretching.

The LYMBR Method is a proprietary, guided method of personalized stretching, administered by a highly-trained certified LYMBR Therapist. Our method is the result of over 25 years of experience, research and development in the stretching and massage industries. Your therapist takes you through a series of movements targeting individual muscles within a specific grouping. These movements are designed to increase flexibility and improve range of motion while expanding myofascial pathways for greater oxygenation and circulation. 

These guided stretches are performed in multiple repetitions and only held for a few seconds.  The motion increases awareness of individual muscle responses within the desired tissue to increase alignment and restore balance. The result is less tension around areas of over or underutilized muscles, which reduces discomfort and increases mobility allowing you to relax, perform and recover better.