Triple Enterprises

Triple Enterprises performs back-office accounting, consulting, and payroll services for over 50 clients in the restaurant industry, spanning almost 200 locations.

Our team also has a proven track record of buying, selling, running and financing high quality companies. Our firm’s network incorporates more than 20 years in M and A and corporate growth initiatives, having built countless relationships with investors and executives.

Whether the need is finding investors, locating talent, understanding industry specifics – Triple Enterprises has access to the best contacts for the task.

  • Expertise and relationships result in optimal deal prices for our clients.
  • Extensive contacts across investors and corporate boardrooms.
  • More responsive and cost effective than other alternatives.
  • Bought and sold many different types of businesses.
  • Rare depth of transactional experience.
  • Diverse industry expertise complementing functional excellence.
  • Dedicated to building long-term relationships.