Kaiser & Edwards Express

  • La Center, KY, USA

Come work at Kaiser & Edwards Express., We are looking to hire an experienced Indendant Contractor to help us keep growing. If you're hard-working and dedicated, Kaiser & Edwards Express is an ideal place to get ahead. We treat drivers the way they should be treated. We allow the drivers to drive the truck. You want to do the speed limits anywhere in the country? Here you can. You are completely in charge of the truck. That’s what we pay you to do... Sounds good see Qualifications and Apply today!


Must have 9 years verifiable OTR Experience Class A CDL (Insurance requirement not the company)
Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
Excellent customer service and ability to build rapport
Good negotiation and problem-solving skills
Entrepreneurial mindset with a strong business acumen
Highly driven and self-motivated for success
Able to work efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision
Ability to work long hours at a time sitting and standing
Must have cell phone and hands free devise for cell phone other than speaker phone (Bluetooth)
If you meet the above Qualifications click link below or copy paste into you browser