The new generation of workers have different goals and a different work ethic. They work to live. They don’t buy into work life balance. They want work life integration. They want work life to be fun and flexible. We see this with the dramatic impact of flexible work opportunities like UBER and Lyft promoting “everyone needs a side gig” or “work when you want”.

It is this thinking that has spawned #MyWorkChoice. The one thing we can give these workers is flexibility. The one thing that is free that turns these jobs into desirable opportunities is allowing the employee scheduling flexibility. Yes, allow the employees to decide when they work all from their smart phone. Workers are onboarded and complete an application into MyWorkChoice. After working with the associate on what work environment suits their skills, location and schedules, they tour the work sites. Now, the associate is ready to be certified to their worksite and can begin self-scheduling. Time to start earning when you want …just click the 4 hour schedule of your choice. 

Working As a Temp Is Tough
We get it. A lot of light industrial temp agencies will throw you into any job, ask you to work the old system, 8 or 10 hours a day, 5 days a week …oh wait we also have mandatory overtime. If you don’t like it then you’re fired. The world has changed, and today’s worker has changed. Welcome to MyWorkChoice where you are the boss. Same work just a better way to do it.

Why My Work Choice?
• Work where and when you choose
• Fit work around your life
• Work any shift, any day
• MyWorkChoice lets you make the call

What’s It Like to be Part of a MyWorkChoice Community?
You’re part of a community that has each others back. Everyone schedules themselves in advance and our technology makes sure the shifts are balanced. If you need to have a day off just don’t schedule yourself. 
MyWorkChoice positions support the entire operation, from getting product on the truck to making sure people are happy with what they get. Best of all it’s under your control with MyWorkChoice.

Plenty of Temp Agencies Offer Warehouse Jobs, But MyWorkChoice Puts YOU in Control.
Not everyone is available to work 8-hour shifts or 40-hour weeks. With “MyWorkChoice”, workers can choose when they work. It empowers employees to take control of their careers. With 24/7 access they can: Select shifts in 4-hour increments, 7 days a week, 3 shifts per day Swap shifts with other workers or request help taking your shift. –