Delta Oaks Group, PLLC

Delta Oaks Group is a professional engineering firm offering site development, inspection, and structural engineering services throughout the United States and Its Territories with a focus in the commercial and telecommunications industries.

Delta Oaks Group was established on two basic principles that we believe drive service-based business:

  1. Provide superior client service
  2. Hire and retain exceptional talent

At Delta Oaks Group, our objective is to focus on core values in order to rekindle the traditional small business philosophies that are so often neglected in today's business landscape. We believe this starts by focusing on the people with which we share our professional environment, thereby respecting those we work for (clients) and those we work with (colleagues). Valuing and understanding both your client's and colleague's vision of long-term success and their incremental objectives along the way; establishing a collaborative and transparent communicative environment regarding the professional achievements and challenges associated with those objectives; and committing to the hard work and dedication necessary to help achieve those long-term goals are all prerequisites Delta Oaks Group believes are essential to creating a true PARTNERSHIP that promotes the success of both parties.

Delta Oaks Group firmly believes that its success can only be achieved through focusing on the two most important assets of the technical service business; clients and employees. Exceptional technical services are driven by unique talent that possesses the willingness and ability to seek and comprehend client needs while consistently exhibiting an unrelenting attention to detail and desire to settle for nothing but the best. The Delta Oaks Group difference is coupling this approach with superior client service founded on unmatched client responsiveness, transparency, and client-tailored managerial systems and communication protocols.