Metz Culinary Management

  • Pittsburgh

Named among the top 25 contract management companies in the United States,
Metz & Associates, Ltd., was formed in 1994 by John C. Metz, Harold Leininger,
and Robert Aughenbaugh. With a combined 100 years of industry experience,
they had a vision to provide a custom dining management service — with a
special emphasis on service — for a variety of market segments, including
education, healthcare, business, and industry. In keeping with its focus on client
satisfaction, Metz & Associates, Ltd., expanded in 2000 to include an
environmental services division to offer clients a greater variety of services.
Metz Culinary Management's "Customer First"
philosophy and commitment to regional growth
has assisted us in becoming a premiere food
service company for the Northeastern United
States. Through the years, we have remained
true to our mission.