MAYBER is an app for restaurants and customers ( see presentation attached) where you can see all digital menus for each restaurant in the city.Each restaurant has its own admin access where they can easily upload or take pictures of the dishes, add information , price and edit when it’s necessary at any moment. It’s allMobile based application, No need in professional photoshop of the food, iPhone portrait quality is enough .There any plenty restaurant uploaded it the system , so the only thing restaurant needs to do is to upload relevant pictures as we will upload their menu for them.Later there will be more features added such as paying for your order and sending it to the kitchen. 
It’s a absolutely free for restaurant now . They just need to upload pictures and start using it by offering to customer as alternative of paper menu. 
Why to use digital menu?

- digitalization of the world .

- Going paperless 

- it’s a new source of customer

as MAYBER add all restaurants around - all great features coming soon will make it easier for restaurant to function ( reservation, paying for the order)- future technology 
We pay per connected restaurant.