Palisade Produce is looking for energetic, hardworking, and positive employees for the 2017 Harvest season. Our company fosters a fun and lively work environment as we distribute peaches in the Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins areas. We are looking for around 150 employees who will be tasked with arriving at our distribution hubs on time, loading fruit into either company vans or their own vehicles and then driving to our locations where they will set up a pop up tent, all banners and advertising, tables, and peach boxes in a customer friendly presentation. When the sales day has ended, you will be responsible for taking down all equipment and carefully loading it back into a vehicle along with any leftover fruit that was not sold. You will then return to the distribution hub and check your peaches and equipment back in with the manager. Employees must be capable of counting money and making change for customers accurately. We will provide company shirts and hats for our employees. We will pay between $20-$30 per day for employees who use their own vehicles to transport fruit and our generous compensation rate of $2.00 per box commission on top of $12/hr will provide employees between $120 - $350 per day, depending on sales. Many sellers who are members of an organization will be applying their $2.00/box commission to their group’s fund. We pay on a two week schedule and because employee earnings will likely not exceed the IRS’s threshold for income tax withholding, we will not remove income taxes from your check. Standard withholding for Social Security and Medicare will apply.  Employees must be capable of lifting and moving 100-200 20lb boxes around per day without excessive difficulty. Employees must have good manners and be prepared to sell our peaches to customers in a friendly and engaging presentation.

We hope you will consider this opportunity to make summer time cash and enjoy a fun filled and energetic atmosphere as we bring the best peaches on the planet to our friends and neighbors in the Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo areas. Paid training will begin in late June/early July and we will begin selling by mid to late July. Sales will end in early September but accommodations for those who cannot stay the entire season are possible.

We at Palisade Produce are exited for the 2017 harvest season, and can’t wait to add you to our reputable sales team!


David Cox, Owner of Palisade Produce