GMP Consulting Services

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

GMP Consulting Services is a Remote company that assist and promote companies to the level they desire . We help get clients/customers for companies and Advertise their Jobs. We are here to helpĀ  individuals find employment/work. At this time, We are looking for the following:

Experienced Appliance Repair Technicians in the area. Our Priority is Military Veterans, Homeless and theĀ  aged contractors. Many of these Contractors are qualified and experienced but do not have enough jobs to take care their basic needs for themselves and their families.

We are here to provide Job opportunities where most people never knew existed. These jobs will help any unemployed person start making money very soon.

Thank you for allowing me to connect and network with you. I would like to advertise for experienced appliance repair techs as soon as possible.

Again Thank You,

Vera Williams