Anyone with a vehicle looking for a job, use link below to apply. Start within a few days once approved and make your own schedule. Guarantee of $225 when you complete 25 deliveries in Philadelphia and surrounding areas within your first 30 days or we will pay the difference! Wear what you want, work when you want and no specific car requirements unlike other delivery services. Walking or using a bicycle/scooter may be available in your area. Direct deposits every Monday or cash out daily for $0.50. You are paid for mileage! Perfect for extra cash for the upcoming holidays!

-18 years or older
-Valid drivers license
-Valid vehicle insurance
-Clean driving record
-Pass background check

To complete application and become a driver, use web address listed with this post. 

*All income is reported at the end of the year. No taxes are taken out of pay. You are responsible for reporting income at time of filing!