Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental


Company Background:

Aptive offers leading-edge environmentally responsible pest

control services and has been dubbed "the Google of the pest control

industry." Aptive is the fastest growing service company and pest control

company in the nation. We are the 74th company on the “2019 Top 100 Companies

to Work For”--three spots behind Apple and just ahead of Goldman Sachs. Aptive

was the nation’s 7th largest pest control company in 2018, and adding more

accounts in 2018 than the next 7 companies combined, it is on track to the be

the 4th largest pest company in 2019. Aptive has an incredible culture for

students to be a part of, learn from, and grow in. Aptive helps people succeed

as professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Additionally, the company is hugely service-oriented. We

finance and volunteer for an in-house charity that builds schools in South

America, and we raised nearly $250,000 in 2018 for reducing mosquito-spread

Malaria in Africa as a partner with the United Nations' Nothing But Nets


Positions for Summer 2020:

We are hiring for 1 position:

    •    Sales and Marketing (with training provided). This is our most coveted, lucrative, and educational position--these spots fill up in early Spring. 


    •        Strong work-ethic, perserverance

    •        Honest and reliable

    •        Good communication skills

    •        Teachable and eager to learn

    •        Desire to grow and contribute to a strong company culture

    •        Ability to work on a team and with others

    •        Capacity to work outdoors in variable conditions

Compensation (Route Manager):

    •       First Year Reps Generally sell 100-150 accounts and many sell 200+

    •       Sales positions should make no less than $13,000 in a first Summer as long as the rep fulfills the schedule. Those who commit to training often earning over $20,000.

    •       Aptive is happy to review statistical performance of past teams to allow interns and new hires to gauge what they can expect


The culture, the nation-leading training, the teams, the leadership, the skillset, the pay, and the experience gained are unbeatable and incomparable. Earn more money, learn better skills, grow more than anywhere else, and experience an awesome culture. Find out what makes Aptive the top internship and job for college students.

Empower yourself to graduate debt free. Learn the skills to start your own business. Learn the leadership skills to quickly move into management in future jobs.

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How to Follow-up:

    •    Submit a resume

    •    Request an interview on handshake

    •    Attend an recruiting event

    •    Visit us at a career fair


We recruit Fall through the early Spring Semester. Our training program begins in and runs through early May. This training program is coveted by other companies (we outperform the closest competitor by 70 percent largely due to our training, along with leadership, resources, and other tools). The sooner people are hired, the better acquainted they will be with our training program and the more successful they will be in our company.

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David Royce - EY Entrepreneur of The Year for Emerging

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Contact Us:

Brenden Yockey

Divisional Manager

(253) 459-3037

Please submit resumes to [email protected]

Alternatively, you can text to request an interview at (253) 459-3037.

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