TRIMEDX is a leading Healthcare Technology Management Organization that elevates clinical engineering through innovative management programs, medical equipment life cycle solutions and service data for 1.7+ million medical devices worth more than $15.6 billion.TRIMEDX was founded in 1999 in Indianapolis, Indiana, which remains as the location of the corporate headquarters today.

We currently employ approximately 1,500 Associates. We value our associates as one of our most respected resources and recognize their contribution to the company's growth and success. We also recognize that through them, we are able to make a direct impact in patient care in hospitals in 32 states and 2 additional countries outside of the U.S.

Over the years we have experienced growth and change, but stayed consistent in our mission: we seek to advance patient care by optimizing the management of clinical assets in an environment of ever increasing complexity and demand. If our mission speaks to you, and you’re looking to join a team that values innovation, making a difference and excellence - look no further. We continue to experience steady growth and are searching for dedicated medical equipment repair technicians, managers and corporate associates to grow with us.