Safety, service, and reliability are what set us apart from most other petroleum transportation and delivery companies. At Petroleum Express, we pride ourselves on elevating these key operating values, backing them with the proper processes, equipment, and dedicated personnel to ensure we truly are the best fuel delivery service provider in the Houston area.
We maintain and operate a fleet of fuel carrier trucks and trailers, which helps us to make deliveries on time and enhance customer reliability. Our trailers are equipped with multiple safety features to protect our drivers and your fuel products. In fact, each trailer has real-time GPS systems to ensure precise navigation, loading information, delivery status, and other important information.Our drivers receive their orders and interact directly with our dispatch team in “real time” using a mini iPad and a state-of-the-art dispatching program called InCAB®. This program improves communication and eliminates the use of paper by automating delivery tickets, bills of lading, pre- and post-trip inspections and DOT driver logs.